Permanent Sustainable Solution for Sundarban


✍🏻By Special Correspondent

Human & Wild conflict and the plastic pollution are the two major existing problems in Sundarbans.
Close to 2 lakh tourists visit the sundarbans every year and they leave a trail of thermocol plates during their visits. Thermocol plates are being hugely used during the social village ceremonies as well. After the usage people dump the waste plates in the river. This practice is creating a huge negative environmental impact in the biosphere land.

Since the fish and crab yields are not substantial in the buffer zone, the helpless villagers are left with no option but to risk their lives and reach out to the core area of the forest to collect the crabs and shrimps and face the grave consequence. This is the prime reason of Human and Wild Conflict.

To create a sustainable and eco friendly solution of these problems KSCH formally rolled out multiple projects on alternative livelihood for the villagers of the Sundarbans in collaboration with The Directorate of Forest, Sundarban Tiger Reserve (STR), Govt. of West Bengal. We convey our gracious gratitude to Shri Tapas Das sir, IFS, the honourable FD, of Sundarban Tiger Reserve, for trusting us to implement the projects.

Under this project five new paper plate manufacturing units are being established, that would entail 13 Self Help Groups from marginalized section of one forest fringe villages under Bidya Range.

After the production forest department will connect these women with the boat owners and home stay owners. Plastic and thermochol are already banned in Sundarbans. The project will create a direct market linkage for the beneficiaries.


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